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    What is egg donation?

    The road to parenthood is very challenging, especially if infertility is the barrier to becoming a parent. We at Khushhi IVF understand that each couple’s journey is different and unique. Hence, we customize and offer various fertility solutions, including egg donor treatment. 

    Egg donation fertility treatment is a process in which good quality eggs are extracted from the uterus of a healthy woman (donor) and fused with sperm. The fertilized eggs are then implanted into the recipient woman’s uterus. The technique is simple, pain-free, and has a high success rate for couples longing for a baby. 

    Since the first pregnancy through egg donation in 1984, it is now one of the most sought-after procedures in IVF treatments. Fertility treatment using donated eggs is a ray of hope for women who cannot conceive due to advanced maternity age, a low ovarian reserve of eggs, or because of other reproductive issues. 

    Egg Donation Treatment

    The types of egg donors

    Egg donors are usually young and healthy women from whom good-quality eggs are retrieved. The woman donating her egg is known as the egg donor. The woman receiving the fertilized eggs is known as the recipient. 

    There are two types of egg donors. 

    1. Known Egg Donors: 

    An egg donor is someone known to the couple, like a friend or relative willing to donate their eggs. This is beneficial in two ways to the couple. One, you get to know the egg’s genetic background, and second, a shorter waiting period. The egg donor and the intended couple must have hospital appointments together throughout treatment. 

    2. Unknown Egg Donor: 

    In this case, the egg donor is recruited by the clinics and will be unknown to the couples. The recipient woman has never met the egg donor. The donor can refrain from revealing her identity. In this case, the agreement and other legal matters are between the fertility clinic and the intended couples. Finding a suitable egg donor in this case might take some time. 

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    Dr. Dipesh Sorathiya

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    DIP. in Gynec Endoscopy (CICE)

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    Khushhi offers the best IVF treatment and is best hospital for infertility treatments.

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    Khushhi IVF offers the best IUI treatment and is best hospital for infertility treatments.

    Infertility (Men)

    Issues with sperm quality and sperm production are a rising cause of male infertility.

    Infertility (Women)

    Consultation for failed pregnancies, infertility assessment & other fertility issues.

    What is the success rate of IVF with egg donation?

    The success rate of egg donation treatment depends on several factors, such as the age and health of the donor, the age and health of the intended mother, the quality of the sperm, the quality of the embryo, the facilities at the fertility clinic, etc. 

    With advanced medical techniques and stringent egg donor screening measures, there has been a remarkable increase in success rates of egg donor treatments. The number of live births per embryo transfer measures the success rates. The success rates are generally higher when the egg donor is young and healthy, resulting in healthier embryos. 

    Queries On Success Rate?

    How do we select donors at Khushhi IVF?

    The egg donors are young and healthy women between the age of 18 -25, usually having at least one child of their own. They must undergo various screening procedures and blood tests to rule out any genetic health conditions and transmittable infections.

    At Khushhi IVF, the egg donors undergo a complete medical and psychological evaluation. Our fertility team conducts mandatory tests like FSH hormone count, egg count, conception chances, etc., to choose the right egg donor.

    We carry out all the tests prescribed by the ICMR and strictly follow the guidelines mentioned by them. The entire process of screening & shortlisting takes around 3-4 weeks. We ensure the donor profile matches the recipient’s physical traits like complexion, hair, eye color, and height.

    Who is the best fit for treatment using egg donation?

    The egg donation program is suitable for a woman who has difficulty conceiving even with IVF treatment for the following reasons. 

    • Having low ovarian reserve (low quantity of egg) 
    • Poor egg quality 
    • Advanced maternal age or had untimely menopause
    • Ovaries have stopped working before the age of 40
    • Is carrying a risk of hereditary disorder that can be passed onto the baby. 
    • Is undergoing cancer treatments
    • Experiencing repeated miscarriages

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    Steps of IVF procedure using Egg donation

    The treatment plan will be tailored according to the type of infertility issue and the individual circumstances. Here’s a brief overview of the stages of the IVF treatment process using donor eggs.

    Initial Consultation: You must discuss the IVF process using egg donation with your fertility doctor. A clear guidance is required before opting for this procedure. 

    Egg Donor Selection: Choose an egg donor, either a known donor or a clinic-recruited anonymous donor.

    Egg Donor Stimulation: The egg donor undergoes hormonal stimulation to produce multiple eggs. These simulations and their results are monitored through ultrasounds and blood tests.

    Egg Retrieval:  When the eggs are mature, they are retrieved from the donor through a minor surgical procedure.

    Sperm Collection: The intended father provides a sperm sample, which will be used for fertilizing the egg. 

    Fertilization: In this step, the retrieved eggs and sperm are combined in the laboratory using IVF or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) under specific conditions. 

    Embryo Culturing: Fertilized eggs, now called embryos, are cultured in the lab for a few days to reach the desired stage of development.

    Embryo Transfer: The healthiest embryos are selected, and one or more are transferred into the recipient’s uterus for implantation. 

    Luteal Phase Support: Medications like progesterone are administered to the recipient to support the uterine lining and embryo implantation process.

    Pregnancy Test: A beta HCG blood test is done to check for pregnancy after 10-14 days of embryo transfer.

    Pregnancy Monitoring: Regular pregnancy monitoring through ultrasounds and medical appointments begins if the test is positive.

    Embryo Freezing (Optional): Any extra viable embryos can be frozen for future use. This helps the infertile couple to have more children later.

    Benefits of Egg Donation Treatment

    Repeated attempts to conceive can lead to emotional and psychological stress in a woman longing for a baby. 

    The reasons for the failure of conception can be many, ranging from advanced age to loss of ovarian functions due to ovarian cancer or problems with the fallopian tube. Egg donation treatment helps to overcome all these obstacles to receive your bundle of joy. 

    With egg donation treatment at Khushhi IVF, you can experience pregnancy and maternal feelings that are impossible in surrogacy and adoption. You will be able to breastfeed the child. This helps in building a natural bond between the child and the mother. 

    As a couple, you can conceive a child with half of the genetic inheritance from your partner’s side if his sperm is used in IVF. Thus, you will have a biological child. Egg donation helps overcome hereditary health conditions in the intended mother’s family. 

    Moreover, as the potential donor matches your physical characteristic traits, it enhances the chances of your child sharing a resemblance to you and your partner.

    Since donor eggs are from young, healthy women, it leads to the development of healthier embryos and successful pregnancies.

    Egg donation treatment cost

    The treatment cost varies on some of the factors like:

    • Location and expertise of the fertility clinic 
    • The use of the medications and hormonal injections administered 
    • Donor compensation charges if opting for an anonymous donor egg 
    • Additional charges for services like embryo freezing, genetic testing, etc.
    • The number of cycles repeated to conceive successfully

    The average cost of an egg donor IVF treatment in India starts from around 1,70,000 lakhs. 

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    Why is Khushhi IVF the Best Egg Donation Centre in Ahmedabad/Gujarat?

    We bring a gleam of hope for every woman dreaming of being a mother, even in the face of infertility. Khushhi IVF is committed to providing you with the best patient-centric approach.

    We have a skilled fertility team led by Dr. Dipesh Sorathiya, a highly experienced Infertility & IVF Specialist with over 20 plus years of expertise. He serves as the Director and Head of the IVF Department at KD Hospital and currently holds the position of Director at Khushhi IVF in both Ahmedabad and Anjar.

    The clinic boasts cutting-edge technologies and has the finest fertility experts with years of experience to help you attain the dream of being a parent. At Khushhi IVF clinic, the success rate for live births through IVF with donor eggs exceeds 40 percent.

    We strictly maintain legal and ethical standards in fertility treatment, including donor consent and patient privacy. In Khushhi IVF, we thoroughly conduct testing and screening processes for donors and recipients, ensuring safety and success. 

    Khushhi IVF stands out as the Best Egg Donation Centre at Ahmedabad in Gujarat, providing unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to legal and ethical standards in fertility treatment.

    To Know More:

    If you have questions or want a second opinion regarding a donor egg IVF cycle, please contact us and get expert guidance from our specialists. We also offer free consultations on Fridays.


    FAQs about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

    An agreement will be made between the clinic and the donor, which states that egg donors will have no rights over any child born due to their donated eggs. Also, in most cases, the donors are anonymous.

    The egg collection from the donor's uterus after ovarian stimulation is under anasthesia. After the procedure, slight irritation or bloating might occur for a day or two.

    India has laws and guidelines set to regulate assisted reproductive technologies. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) provides a framework for ethical and legal practices in assisted reproduction, including using donor eggs. Discuss in detail about these with your fertility clinic.
    All egg donors are screened thoroughly to rule out genetic diseases or hereditary birth defects. The donors also undergo physical exams, cultures, and blood tests to identify any infectious diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis B, to name a few.

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    Priya Solanki
    Priya Solanki
    6. April, 2024
    Best lvf centre in Ahmedabad dr.dipesh is very good and all staff are working good but one sister is best.jyotika sister is very clearing answer and injection not pain full . Thank you Khushhi ivf
    Bsjdjc Jdudje
    Bsjdjc Jdudje
    30. March, 2024
    Best Hospital and best Dr Dipesh sir and staff
    Kajal Kumari
    Kajal Kumari
    21. March, 2024
    Good service
    Gajendra Prajapati
    Gajendra Prajapati
    19. March, 2024
    Best ivf hospital
    Suchit Sathawara
    Suchit Sathawara
    12. March, 2024
    During IVF treatment I appreciate for the helping nature of hospital staff and it's all process of treatment. Also housekeeping and cleaning are very good. Overall this centre good for IVF treatment
    Payal Thakor
    Payal Thakor
    8. March, 2024
    Superb treatment done by Doctor and all staff members like family members.

    WHY US?

    Why Khushhi IVF?

    We at Khushhi IVF offer world-class solutions in fertility treatments with the help of advanced tools and the experience of pioneer gynecologists team.

    1. Top-Rated & Ethical IVF Doctors

    India’s Most Trusted Fertility Specialists, who are selected through a stringent criteria of, Years of Experience in IVF treatment, Clinical Best Practices, Success Rates, Lab Quality, and High Standards of Patient Care.

    2. Skilled Embryologists & Andrologists

    Our expert team of Embryologists and Andrologists help significantly increase the likelihood of a successful IVF treatment. They study and determine which sperms, eggs, and embryos are the most suitable for IVF & ICSI treatments.

    3. World-class Advanced ART Labs

    The success of any IVF clinic depends on its IVF laboratory.


    Our partner ART (Assisted Reproductive Technique) labs are equipped with AHUs (Air Handling Units) that ensure clean air circulation, an ideal temperature and positive pressure inside the lab. They have advanced Incubators, Microscopes, ICSI Manipulators, Cryofreezing Cylinders, and other equipment’s that enhance the IVF success rate.


    We have our own IVF lab

    4. Quality Controls & Double Witnessing Protocols

    Our team of doctors, embryologists, andrologists and clinical staff follow stringent QA and QC procedures. Labs have Quality Monitoring tools such as Temperature probe, Humidity control, CO2 analyser, and a VOC meter. The Double Witnessing Protocols help eliminate human errors in handling multiple patient gametes and embryos in a lab environment.

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