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CASA Test in Ahmedabad

CASA, also known as Computer Assisted Semen Analysis, is an advanced technology that involves the use of computer-based technology to analyze male semen samples.

CASA helps in obtaining video images of the male sperm with the help of a strong microscope to check the motility of each male sperm. It is an advanced semen analysis technique that helps in providing more accurate results compared to the manual method of semen analysis. The test reduces the chances of human error and any variability in the interpretation of results.

Ahmedabad is a well-developed city in Gujarat that has renowned infertility and IVF treatment centers like Khushhi IVF Centre where you can undergo CASA tests and infertility treatments with successful results.

Candidates for the CASA Test

CASA test is done only if your andrologist or doctor recommends the same. The following candidates are considered to be ideal for undergoing a CASA test:

  • To confirm the results of a manual semen analysis
  • If the andrologist has any doubts related to the manual semen analysis test results
  • Men who have been detected with very few or no sperms (a condition known as azoospermia) in their manual semen analysis
  • To determine the male sperm count, reasons for dysfunction, and infertility causes in a man and help the doctor prepare an appropriate treatment plan for the same
  • Men who have undergone vasectomy (a permanent birth control method in which the tubes that send the sperms from the testicles to the penis are cut and permanently sealed) may be recommended to take a CASA test once every three months to check if any sperm reappears in the semen

Parameters Measured by CASA Test

A CASA test can help in providing more information on various parameters associated with the male semen. These parameters include the following:

  • Sperm motility or sperm moving percent
  • The volume of the ejaculate
  • pH value or acidity present in the semen fluid
  • Concentration of the sperm (sperm count)
  • Morphology (shape and structure) of the sperm
  • Progressive motility of the sperm

Preparation for the CASA Test

Although the CASA test procedure is quite simple and involves the collection of the semen and putting it under the microscope, there are some ways recommended to prepare for it. The preparation instructions include the following:

  • Avoid ejaculation for 24 to 72 hours before the CASA test
  • Avoid alcohol, recreational drugs, and caffeine for at least two to five days before the test
  • Avoid taking any hormonal medicines before the test
  • Avoid taking any herbal medications or supplements before the test

Procedure for CASA Test

A semen sample is first obtained from the man undergoing a CASA test. The semen sample is then placed on the visualizing pallet of a microscope having a high-resolution camera. 

The video camera will scan and put the data obtained in the computer, where a precise analysis of the semen can be performed using a software called CASA. The computerized analysis provides several detailed parameters that can be useful for a fertility specialist. Additionally, the results obtained are precise and reproducible, making it extremely easy for the fertility specialist to obtain the desired results with a simple click on the computer mouse button.

The specialist can evaluate the appearance of an individual sperm and the way it moves. As long as the computer is observing the sperm below a magnifier, it can create a highly digitized picture of each sperm by following its speed and the path it covers while it moves under the magnifier.

This technology helps the specialist evaluate and monitor micro-sized species that play a vital role in the fertility pattern of a man. CASA test helps in the identification of an infertile male partner who may need further testing to check the cause of the condition and undergo treatment for the same if he wants to become a parent.

Benefits of CASA

CASA has several benefits over manual semen analysis. These advantages include:

  • Good accuracy with zero error rate
  • More reliable in determining male fertility than manual semen analysis
  • Quick procedure that takes about 10 minutes as opposed to approximately two hours taken for manual semen analysis
  • Gives an analysis of more sperm factors compared to standard semen analysis
  • Gives additional information on semen quality
  • Standardized testing conditions and reproducible results with the same settings
  • Helps the doctor decide on an appropriate treatment plan for fertility problems


Male infertility is a growing problem globally. It is therefore recommended for men who are planning to have a baby to consult a fertility specialist and undergo a manual semen analysis test or CASA test, as recommended by the doctor, to prevent and avoid any complications that may be causing male infertility.

Although the CASA test is slightly more expensive compared to the traditional manual technique of semen analysis, it offers several benefits like better precision, reproducible results, and more information on sperm factors and parameters for the fertility specialist to make a better diagnosis and treatment plan for a particular male patient.

You can undergo a CASA test at Khushhi IVF Centre, which is the best infertility treatment center in Ahmedabad. To contact us, go to the link given below:

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