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Live Birth Rate - 40%


Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA Test)

@ ₹2000 ₹499 + Free Doctor Consultation

Come forward and assess your fertility before its too late.


Why To Do A CASA Test?

Male infertility is increasing day by day and today 40% of infertility is caused due to male infertility so it is important for all the men out there to come forward and get CASA test (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis) done to prevent and avoid complications causing infertility.

Khushhi IVF now has Gujarat state’s first CASA machine

Results in 5 mins as compared to 30 mins in traditional method

Error free and gives analysis of more parameters

Using compact & automatic Lenshooke for CASA analysis


Semen Under CASA Lenshooke

It only take 3 steps and 5 minutes to get all the test results. The image and results are more accurate with this analysis. Its identifies data on 4 key points – ph value, concentration, morphology and motility.

Get Your Fertility Assessed Now With CASA

We will help get a complete analysis of your semen quality and also avail a FREE doctor consultation to help you with the best treatment options for your concern.

CASA @ ₹499 + Free Doctor Consultation

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