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    Khushhi offers the best IVF treatment and is best hospital for infertility treatments.

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    Khushhi IVF offers the best IUI treatment and is best hospital for infertility treatments.

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    Issues with sperm quality and sperm production are a rising cause of male infertility.

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    Khushhi IVF was founded by Dr. Dipesh Sorathiya with a decade of experience of treating 10,000+ patients from Ahmedabad and all over Gujarat. The goal of his practice is to provide cutting-edge, ethical, economical and standardized fertility care in an environment that supported patients’ physical, emotional, and financial needs.

    What Is Egg Donation?

    Egg donation is a fertility treatment option in which a woman, known as the donor, provides her eggs to be used for assisted reproductive treatments. These donated eggs are often utilized by individuals or couples who are struggling to conceive with their own eggs.

    Egg or ovum donation involves fertilizing the eggs of a healthy young donor with the sperm of the patient’s husband. The resulting embryo is then implanted into the uterus of the patient. 

    IVF with egg donation offers a chance to achieve pregnancy, especially to women who are unable to conceive with their own eggs due to:

    • Ovarian failure
    • Risk of congenital anomalies in the fetus
    • Advanced age

    The success rate of IVF with donor eggs is higher than the average IVF success rate for couples using their own eggs. The reason behind the high success rate is attributed to the fact that the donor eggs undergo genetic screening to check their viability.

    The intended mother undergoing IVF using donor eggs is not genetically related to the baby, but the intended father will be unless donor sperm is used. 

    IVF through egg donation is a viable option for gay couples who would require a gestational carrier for embryo implantation and pregnancy. 

    If you are looking for the best egg donation services in Ahmedabad, then book an appointment at Khushhi IVF and get effective and affordable egg donation services.

    What Is Embryo Donation?

    Embryo donation involves the transfer of embryos from donors to recipients who are unable to conceive naturally. This process offers a chance at parenthood for those who may not have viable embryos of their own due to fertility issues, genetic concerns, or other factors.

    Eggs from a young healthy donor and sperm from an unrelated donor are fertilized in the laboratory and the resulting embryo is implanted into the uterus of the patient. The patient then carries the embryo throughout the pregnancy.

    The couple who receives an embryo is genetically not connected to either the egg or sperm donor. The patient carries a frozen embryo from unrelated donors.

    Benefits of Embryo Donation

    • Individuals or couples who have successfully completed their fertility journey can help others by donating extra embryos rather than discarding them.
    • Presents an alternative path to parenthood for those who may not have viable embryos or sperm and eggs of their own.
    • Offers the opportunity to experience pregnancy and childbirth, even if the recipient’s reproductive health is compromised.

    Embryo donation is done in an anonymous way to protect the privacy of the parties involved. It’s essential for all parties to seek legal support and counselling to avoid issues related to parental rights, consent, and the potential future relationship between donors, recipients, and any resulting children.

    Who Is Egg & Embryo Donation For?

    Egg and embryo donation is a remarkable option for individuals and couples who struggle to conceive naturally. These reproductive are best suited to those who may have infertility issues due to some medical conditions, genetic factors, or other circumstances. 

    Candidates with the following conditions can benefit from egg and embryo donation:

    Women with Diminished Ovarian Reserve 

    Diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) and premature ovarian failure (POF) are conditions in which one of the ovaries produces a reduced quantity or quality of eggs, that are harder to fertilize. Approximately 10% to 30% of women undergoing infertility treatment are affected by these conditions.

    Genetic Disorders 

    Individuals or couples with genetic disorders or hereditary conditions pose a risk of passing the abnormality on to their offspring. Hence, by utilizing eggs or embryos from healthy donors, the risk of passing on such conditions can be reduced, increasing the potential for a healthy family.

    Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

    Recurrent pregnancy loss can be attributed to genetic abnormalities or other unknown factors. In such cases, the success rate of IVF with donated eggs or embryos is usually higher than normal IVF using their own eggs.

    Fertility Option for LGBTQ 

    Egg/ Sperm and embryo donation provide a chance at parenthood for same-sex couples. Gay couples can combine egg or embryo donation with gestational surrogacy.

    Single Individuals

    Egg or embryo donation is a great way for single individuals to become parents. These options offer a way to fulfil their dreams of parenthood without the need for a traditional partner.

    Egg & Embryo Donation Procedure in Ahmedabad

    Here is a general overview of the egg and embryo donation procedure. However, it is important to know that individual circumstances and clinic protocols can influence the precise steps taken.

    1. Donor Screening and Selection
    • Thorough medical, genetic, and psychological evaluations are conducted to ensure the suitability of prospective egg and embryo donors.
    • Donors are then selected based on various criteria, including health, medical history, age, and compatibility with the recipient’s preferences (if known).
    1. Synchronization of Menstrual Cycles
    • In a normal or clean transfer cycle, the menstrual cycles of the egg donor and recipient are synchronized to facilitate the optimal timing for the subsequent stages of the procedure.
    • Medications may be administered to control and coordinate the cycles of both individuals.
    1. Egg Retrieval
    • The egg donor is administered hormonal medications to induce controlled ovarian stimulation for the development of multiple eggs.
    • Diagnostic tests and imaging are conducted to monitor the development and maturation process of the eggs.
    • For egg retrieval, the donor is placed under sedation and a minor surgical procedure is performed.
    • A needle is inserted into the ovaries with the assistance of an ultrasound to extract eggs from mature follicles.
    1. Fertilization and Embryo Development
    • The retrieved eggs and sperm from the recipient’s partner or a donor are fertilized in vitro.
    • The resulting embryos are cultured and monitored in a laboratory for several days as they progress through early development stages.
    • In a frozen transfer, the healthy egg or embryos are frozen after genetic screening so that they can be used by the recipient at a later time.
    1. Embryo Transfer
    • With the help of ultrasound imaging, one or more healthy embryos are carefully introduced into the recipient’s uterine cavity.
    • The embryos are carefully placed in a manner that optimizes the chances of successful implantation and subsequent pregnancy.

    How To Choose The Best Clinic For Egg & Embryo Donation Services In Ahmedabad

    If you are looking for the best clinic offering egg and embryo donation services in Ahmedabad then here is a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed choice:

    1. It is important to consider the clinic’s experience, reputation, and previous track record in the field of egg and embryo donation.
    2. The clinic’s success rate is another crucial aspect to consider as it indicates the clinic’s proficiency in handling complex infertility cases.
    3. The clinic must conduct a rigorous donor screening process to ensure the health and suitability of donors as it directly impacts the quality of eggs and embryos.
    4. It is essential to be aware of the donor selection criteria adopted by the clinic, such as medical, genetic, and psychological assessments. 
    5. The clinic’s stand on legal and ethical guidelines related to egg and embryo donation is equally important. 
    6. Clinics offering support groups and counselling services enhance the pregnancy experience. 
    7. Patient testimonials and online reviews provide personal narratives on the clinic’s professionalism, communication, and overall patient satisfaction.

    Book a consultation at Khushhi IVF, the Best Egg & Embryo Donation Services Centre in Ahmedabad that offers a holistic approach to egg and embryo donation services.

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    We at Khushhi IVF offer world-class solutions in fertility treatments with the help of advanced tools and the experience of pioneer gynecologists team.

    1. Top-Rated & Ethical IVF Doctors

    India’s Most Trusted Fertility Specialists, who are selected through a stringent criteria of, Years of Experience in IVF treatment, Clinical Best Practices, Success Rates, Lab Quality, and High Standards of Patient Care.

    2. Skilled Embryologists & Andrologists

    Our expert team of Embryologists and Andrologists help significantly increase the likelihood of a successful IVF treatment. They study and determine which sperms, eggs, and embryos are the most suitable for IVF & ICSI treatments.

    3. World-class Advanced ART Labs

    The success of any IVF clinic depends on its IVF laboratory.


    Our partner ART (Assisted Reproductive Technique) labs are equipped with AHUs (Air Handling Units) that ensure clean air circulation, an ideal temperature and positive pressure inside the lab. They have advanced Incubators, Microscopes, ICSI Manipulators, Cryofreezing Cylinders, and other equipment’s that enhance the IVF success rate.


    We have our own IVF lab

    4. Quality Controls & Double Witnessing Protocols

    Our team of doctors, embryologists, andrologists and clinical staff follow stringent QA and QC procedures. Labs have Quality Monitoring tools such as Temperature probe, Humidity control, CO2 analyser, and a VOC meter. The Double Witnessing Protocols help eliminate human errors in handling multiple patient gametes and embryos in a lab environment.

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    FAQs about Embryo/Egg Donation Services

    Couples having serious sperm or egg defects are generally not able to conceive. Thus when self-gamete becomes unsuccessful, couples opt for donor egg and sperm. It is known as embryo adoption or, commonly, embryo donation.

    The procedure involves taking the donor’s eggs and anonymous donor sperm from a sperm bank. These two are fertilised, and the resultant embryos are planted in the desired mother’s womb. The pregnancy rate by this method is high. But before undergoing this procedure, couples should completely understand the fact that the offspring will not be their genetic child but a biological one. To ensure that they have a strong grasp of this fact, couples must undergo counselling and be mentally ready for the treatment.

    If you are looking for embryo donation services in Ahmedabad, you are at the right place. Khushhi IVF is known to be one of the top embryo donation service clinics in Ahmedabad. We have a team of experienced, well-trained embryo donation services doctors in Ahmedabad who ensure effective treatment. So, visit the clinic now to consult with one of the top embryo donation services specialists in Ahmedabad.

    Egg or ovum donation involves fertilising the eggs of a healthy young donor woman with sperm from the patient’s husband. The resulting embryos are then placed into the uterus of the patient. The process provides children to desired couples and allows women to experience being pregnant.

    If you are unsuccessful in conceiving naturally, you opt for egg donation services in Ahmedabad. Before deciding on getting the treatment, it is recommended to consult with the egg donation services specialist in Ahmedabad to understand the process and its implication. If you are looking for an egg donation services expert in Ahmedabad, visit Khushhi IVF. It is one of the top egg donation services clinics in Ahmedabad. Advanced technology and equipment availability has led to a highly successful rate. So, book your appointment and get effective and affordable egg donation services to cost in Ahmedabad.

    The first step of the egg donation procedure is to choose a donor. The donor is kept anonymous and is approved after several medical and genetic screenings. The ovaries of the donor are stimulated using a stimulation regimen. It is done to produce multiple eggs. The eggs are then taken and fertilised by the husband’s sperm. Once fertilisation is completed, the embryo is cultured, and the highest quality ones are transferred into the recipient’s uterus.

    Choosing the right embryo donation services doctor in Ahmedabad is important. With the help of an experienced embryo donation services specialist in Ahmedabad, you know that you can avail of effective treatment. There are many embryo donation services doctors in Ahmedabad, so choosing the best one for oneself becomes difficult. With Khushhi IVF, your search for an embryo donation services expert in Ahmedabad ends. The clinic has some of the top and most experienced doctors. Moreover, the availability of advanced medical technology allows a high success rate for embryo donation services in Ahmedabad.

    Egg donation is opted for by: 

    • Older women with low quality and quantity of eggs.
    • Women with reproductive problems like ovarian failure
    • Unsuccessful previous IVF treatment
    • Women with genetic diseases that they do not pass to their child

    If you come under any of the above-mentioned categories, it is best to consult with an egg donation services doctor in Ahmedabad. If you are looking for egg donation services centres in Ahmedabad visit us at Khushi IVF. We are among the top egg donation services hospitals in Ahmedabad with the expertise of several years, and we have a high success rate in our IVF procedures. Our experienced surgeons and their credibility allow us to provide an effective and successful egg donation services treatment in Ahmedabad. Thus, you could find affordable egg donation services price in Ahmedabad as per your needs.

    Couples use donated sperm for conceiving a baby when the sperm can not be retrieved naturally or surgically. These sperm are used for inseminating the woman (IUI) or to fertilise her eggs in an IVF process. Before undergoing the process, couples are counselled to help them understand the process and its implications.

    The donor sperm samples are taken from established and registered sperm banks while keeping the donor anonymous. The sperm samples undergo various screening processes to look for viral infections and common genetic disorders and check fertility. In the process, fresh donors and known donors are avoided. The samples are identified by the number of codes provided by the sperm bank.

    IVF treatment was initially designed for women that didn’t have fallopian tubes, or it was blocked. It is still a treatment option for these conditions; however, its use has evolved since then. Now IVF is opted for by couples with various other conditions as well. This includes endometriosis, male factor infertility and unexplained infertility where a medical cause for infertility can not be found. If you have any of the conditions mentioned above, IVF can be an effective treatment. After examining your medical history, your doctor will help you with the treatment and diagnostic procedures that are most appropriate for you.

    Finding an embryo donation services hospital in Ahmedabad with the top amenities and services is crucial. At Khushhi IVF, we have the latest technologies and equipment making us one of the best embryo donation services centres in Ahmedabad. There are well-equipped laboratories and operation wards to ensure safe and effective embryo donation services treatment in Ahmedabad with a high success rate. So, are you looking for embryo donation services in Ahmedabad? Book an appointment now at Khushhi IVF for affordable embryo donation services cost in Ahmedabad.

    It has been found that around 1/3rd of total infertility cases are due to issues in male partners. Male factors are also responsible for the increased rate of miscarriages. The causes of male infertility can be as follow: 

    • Abnormal sperm count
    • Low sperm mobility
    • Exposure to radioactive chemicals 
    • Chronic ailments such as cancer
    • Overweight, smoking, drinking alcohol
    • Age

    Infertility can happen in both females and males. Around 1/3rd of infertility is found in males. It has been found that around 50-80 million have infertility. The most common causes of female infertility are as follows:

    • Age
    • Endometriosis
    • Unexplained infertility
    • Tubal blockage
    • Fibroids
    • Hormonal issues leading to ovulation problems
    • Overweight, smoking, drinking alcohol, unhealthy diet

    At birth, a female has around 2 million eggs in the ovaries. Before hitting puberty, around 11,000 eggs die every month. That is why when a girl reaches her teenage years, she has only about 300,000 to 400,000 eggs left. Once the menstrual cycle starts, 1000 eggs are used every month. Birth control, pregnancy, hormone production, health, lifestyle or nutritional supplements do not affect it. When no viable eggs are present, the woman reaches menopause and stops menstruating.

    PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is when the woman either does not ovulate or ovulates irregularly. Hormonal imbalances cause it. Those suffering from PCOS tend to produce higher amounts of male hormones. Some women with PCOS have irregular periods. That is why it becomes more difficult for PCOS women to conceive. Moreover, it is one of the most common causes of female infertility.

    If you consider opting for egg or embryo donation services in Ahmedabad, Khushhi IVF is an incredible choice. We have some of the top embryo donation services specialists in Ahmedabad who, with their years of experience, provide effective treatment. Experienced medical staff, advanced medical technology and state-of-art infrastructure make us one of the top embryo donation services clinics in Ahmedabad. Moreover, we offer affordable embryo donation services price in Ahmedabad. So, book a consultation session with embryo donation service experts in Ahmedabad at Khushhi IVF now!

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