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    Our Expertise

    IVF Treatment

    Khushhi offers the best IVF treatment and is best hospital for infertility treatments.

    IUI Treatment

    Khushhi IVF offers the best IUI treatment and is best hospital for infertility treatments.

    Infertility (Men)

    Issues with sperm quality and sperm production are a rising cause of male infertility.

    Infertility (Women)

    Consultation for failed pregnancies, infertility assessment & other fertility issues.

    Our Team

    Meet Our Specialist

    Dr. Dipesh Jayantilal Sorathiya

    Dr. Dipesh Sorathiya

    M.S. (Obs & Gyn)

    DIP. in Gynec Endoscopy (CICE)

    Expert Skills


    Advanced IVF Centre To Help Fulfil Your Parenthood Dreams

    Khushhi IVF was founded by Dr. Dipesh Sorathiya with a decade of experience of treating 10,000+ patients from Ahmedabad and all over Gujarat. The goal of his practice is to provide cutting-edge, ethical, economical and standardized fertility care in an environment that supported patients’ physical, emotional, and financial needs.

    What Is IVF?

    In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), is a fertility treatment that enables the fertilization of eggs with sperm outside the body, in a laboratory setting.  IVF offers couples with infertility or genetic problems, a chance at conception through assisted reproductive technology (ART).

    It is a viable option for those facing challenges such as blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm count, or unexplained infertility.

    Here is a brief overview of the IVF Process

    1. Eggs are collected from the female partner or a donor through ovarian stimulation, a minimally invasive surgical procedure.
    2. Sperm samples are also collected from the male partner or a donor on the day of egg retrieval.
    3. These eggs and sperm are then combined in a laboratory dish for fertilization and the formation of embryos begins.
    4. An embryologist closely monitors the embryo development process and assesses their quality and viability during the incubation period.
    5. The selected embryos are screened for genetic abnormalities through Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PDS) testing.
    6. The strongest and most viable embryos are then carefully selected for transfer into the uterus, for a successful pregnancy.
    7. Any surplus healthy embryos can be cryopreserved for future use, donated to other IVF couples, or discarded as per the owner’s consent.
    8. Embryo preservation provides opportunities for multiple attempts without repeating the entire IVF process.

    Will IVF Work?

    The most commonly asked question, whether IVF will work, involves several key factors that influence the chances of success. IVF has demonstrated a remarkable success rate. However, the effectiveness of IVF depends on the following 5 factors:

    1. Age 

    Younger women have a higher chance of conception than older women. As age progresses, women tend to have low quantity and quality of eggs, which can affect the chances of a successful pregnancy.

    2. Fertility issues

    Infertility caused due to blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can affect the success of IVF. Appropriate medical treatments for managing such complications improve the chances of a successful outcome.

    3. Egg and sperm quality

    High-quality eggs and sperm have a better chance of successful fertilization and embryo development. In some cases, using donor eggs or sperm might be recommended to enhance the chances of success.

    4. Overall health and lifestyle

    A balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress management are a strong foundation for a successful pregnancy.

    5. Individual responses

    Factors like embryo implantation, which is influenced by the receptivity of the uterus, can impact the final result.

    Watch the video where Dr Dipesh Sorathiya answers if IVF provides any guarantee.

    Cost and Affordability of IVF Treatments in Ahmedabad

    The average cost of a basic IVF cycle in Ahmedabad ranges from INR 80,000 to INR 3,00,000. IVF treatment includes several stages whose individual costs may impact the overall treatment cost.

    • Consultation fees with a fertility specialist mark the initial step which may cost around INR 500 to INR 3000.
    • During the consultation, the surgeon may recommend diagnostic tests, ultrasound scans, and blood profiling depending on the patient’s anatomy and health condition which may add to the overall cost.
    • The first step in IVF involves the administration of fertility medications to stimulate the ovaries. The medication may cost around INR 60000 to INR 80000 depending on the dose and patient’s response.
    • Surgical and laboratory fees that encompass stages like egg retrieval, sperm collection, fertilization, and embryo culture are the core parts of the treatment. The cost of these procedures may cost around INR 100000 or more depending on the complexity of the case.
    • Additional procedures like ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) or PGS/PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Screening/Diagnosis) might be recommended. These procedures, enhancing the chances of success, can contribute an additional cost ranging from INR 50,000 to INR 100000 or more.
    • While the cost of IVF treatments can be substantial, some health insurance plans offer coverage for specific diagnostic tests or procedures. To alleviate financial burdens, numerous fertility clinics collaborate with financial institutions, offering flexible payment plans to distribute costs over time.

    Advanced Technologies Used

    The incredible success rate of IVF owes to scientific advancement in the field of assisted reproductive medicine. It is now possible for couples, struggling to conceive naturally, to have healthier pregnancies.

    Some of the advanced technologies used during IVF are:

    Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)

    • PGT technique allows the screening of embryos for genetic abnormalities before implantation.
    • PGT minimizes the risk of miscarriages and genetic conditions, thereby improving the chances of a successful pregnancy.

    Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

    • For cases of male infertility, ICSI is yet another remarkable innovation.
    • This technique involves the direct injection of a single sperm into an egg.
    • It facilitates fertilization in situations where natural fertilization might be challenging.

    Hear Dr Dipesh Sorathiya speak on male infertility

    Blastocyst Culture

    • This advanced technique allows embryos to develop in the laboratory for an extended period, closely mimicking the natural uterine environment.
    • By selecting embryos that have successfully progressed to the blastocyst stage, the chances of implantation are significantly heightened.

    Success Rates And Achievements Of Our Center

    At Khushhi IVF in Ahmedabad, our commitment to realizing the dreams of parenthood is reflected in our exceptional success rates and notable achievements.

    Many clinics claiming a success rate of 60% to 70% actually refer to a positive Beta-hCG (beta-human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) level) test which indicates positive pregnancy. But it is important to note here that not all positive beta-hCG results in a live baby for the couple.

    Some statistics that prove our position as the best IVF clinic in Ahmedabad:

    Live Birth rate: Khushhi IVF has a live birth rate of 40% which matches the international benchmark. It means out of every 100 embryo transfers 40 living; healthy singleton children have been born.

    Live birth rate after first embryo transfer: Live birth rate for the first cycle is 29.5% to 33% in women of all age groups.

    It is noteworthy that each subsequent embryo transfer will increase the chance of having a live and healthy baby.

    Our work reflects our success. Hear the incredible success stories of couples at Khushhi IVF.

    Post-treatment care

    Khushhi IVF recognizes that the journey towards parenthood extends beyond the treatment phase. Our dedication to your well-being includes after-treatment assistance and aid.

    Follow-Up Sessions

    • Our devoted unit remains by your side, providing counselling and assistance throughout the treatment course and beyond.
    • We arrange subsequent sessions to monitor your advancement, attend to any reservations, and modify our methodology if need be.


    • Our medical team ensures that you receive suitable medication and adhere to prescribed post-care routines.
    • These measures are tailored to nurture embryonic implantation and foster pregnancy.
    • Our ambition is more than just positive conception; it includes a successful gestational journey as well.

    Guidance on Lifestyle

    • Lifestyle factors are extremely important in the post-treatment phase.
    • We offer personalized guidelines for lifestyle enhancement, promoting a thriving pregnancy.
    • Our panel of experts prescribes dietary guidelines, physical regimens, and stress management techniques to positively influence your pregnancy journey.

    Emotional Support

    • The IVF journey towards conception and parenthood entails considerable emotional strain.
    • Our empathetic group extends support and a nurturing environment where you can openly express your sentiments.

    Choosing the Right IVF Centre in Ahmedabad

    7 Key aspects that prospective parents should take into account when choosing the best IVF specialist in Ahmedabad:

    Doctor’s Qualification: The IVF specialist’s experience and expertise in reproductive medicine is extremely important. A trained professional will have a deeper understanding of various fertility issues and possess the skills to handle complex cases. 

    Success Rate: Look for the clinic’s overall success rates. Ask for live birth success rate when considering IVF success rate.

    Clinic Facilities and Services: The clinic should be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, modern treatment options, and other services such as genetic testing, embryo freezing, and counselling support.

    Patient Reviews and Testimonials: Online platforms and the clinic’s website are good sources to read about other patients’ journeys, satisfaction levels, and feedback.

    Accreditations and Certifications: Check if the IVF centre is accredited by relevant fertility organizations and regulatory bodies. Accreditation often signifies adherence to high standards of care and safety.

    Follow-up Care: A successful IVF journey doesn’t end with a positive pregnancy test. Inquire about the centre’s post-treatment care, monitoring, and support.

    Ethics and Transparency: A reliable IVF specialist will prioritize ethical practices and provide transparent information regarding the treatment process, potential risks, and costs involved.

    5,000+ Successful IVFs

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    Best IVF hospital in ahmedabad
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    Best ivf hospital in Ahmedabad

    WHY US?

    Why Khushhi IVF?

    We at Khushhi IVF offer world-class solutions in fertility treatments with the help of advanced tools and the experience of pioneer gynecologists team.

    1. Top-Rated & Ethical IVF Doctors

    India’s Most Trusted Fertility Specialists, who are selected through a stringent criteria of, Years of Experience in IVF treatment, Clinical Best Practices, Success Rates, Lab Quality, and High Standards of Patient Care.

    2. Skilled Embryologists & Andrologists

    Our expert team of Embryologists and Andrologists help significantly increase the likelihood of a successful IVF treatment. They study and determine which sperms, eggs, and embryos are the most suitable for IVF & ICSI treatments.

    3. World-class Advanced ART Labs

    The success of any IVF clinic depends on its IVF laboratory.


    Our partner ART (Assisted Reproductive Technique) labs are equipped with AHUs (Air Handling Units) that ensure clean air circulation, an ideal temperature and positive pressure inside the lab. They have advanced Incubators, Microscopes, ICSI Manipulators, Cryofreezing Cylinders, and other equipment’s that enhance the IVF success rate.


    We have our own IVF lab

    4. Quality Controls & Double Witnessing Protocols

    Our team of doctors, embryologists, andrologists and clinical staff follow stringent QA and QC procedures. Labs have Quality Monitoring tools such as Temperature probe, Humidity control, CO2 analyser, and a VOC meter. The Double Witnessing Protocols help eliminate human errors in handling multiple patient gametes and embryos in a lab environment.

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    FAQs about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

    In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a procedure to help people with fertility issues conceive a baby. It is done by fertilising the eggs of the women and the sperm of the man outside the body in laboratory conditions. After fertilisation, the embryo is transferred into the woman’s uterus for growth and development. It is done when the male and the female partner cannot conceive naturally.

    IVF is a time-consuming and emotionally tiring procedure. It includes several visits to the clinic. The procedure also requires multiple hormone injections and medications, making it an emotional process. Thus make sure you are comfortable with the IVF clinic that you have chosen. With the market providing so many options, it is difficult to choose the ideal hospital. We have stated the factors you should consider when choosing your IVF hospital.

    It is proof that they are successful in performing IVF and delivering results. It is a strong indicator of the clinic’s quality and the doctors’ expertise. Also, check whether they have treated patients with a similar medical issue as yours, which further adds to the probability of success of the IVF treatment. Thus, before finalising the IVF clinic, check the success rate of the different IVF clinics and then compare them to choose which one to go forward with.

    If you are looking for an Ahmedabad IVF hospital, visit us at Khushi IVF. We are among the Top 5 IVF centres in Ahmedabad with the expertise of several years, and we have a high success rate in our IVF procedure. Our surgeons are among the most renowned ones, making us one of the best IVF hospitals in Ahmedabad. While looking for the best IVF hospital in Ahmedabad, check if they have dealt with patients who had similar fertility issues as yours. Thus, you could find the best IVF hospital in Ahmedabad per your needs.

    Another point to ponder upon is the qualification and experience of the doctors. Always go forward with a hospital with a highly trained staff, experienced surgeons, and fertility specialists. Make some research about all the specialists assigned to you and check their qualifications to ensure that your treatment is in safe hands and they can provide you with the best care.

    Thus, after understanding if you are an ideal candidate for IVF, go forward with selecting a hospital. Go for IVF at a clinic where you feel comfortable. If you want your treatment done at the best IVF hospital in Ahmedabad, consider visiting us at Khushhi IVF. We have some of the most advanced technologies and laboratories to assist you. Our high-end services and state-of-the-art infrastructure have made us a reputed name in the hospitals for IVF. Contact us at Khushhi IVF to get your treatment at one of the best IVF clinics in Ahmedabad.

    Every couple does not need an IVF only; they might need certain special treatments to help in successful IVF. Thus, a good IVF clinic would have other treatment options available such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), blastocyst transfer and preimplantation genetic diagnosis to ensure that the fertilisation is done and the pregnancy is going to be safe. In some cases, infertility can be managed with medications and hormonal injections. Thus look for a hospital which provides overall treatment and services.

    Thus, finding an IVF clinic in Ahmedabad with the top amenities and services is crucial. At Khushi IVF, we have updated technologies and machinery making us one of the top 10 IVF centres in Ahmedabad. We have some of the most advanced technologies and laboratories to assist you. Our high patient success rate has made us one of the best IVF hospitals in Ahmedabad. Our high-end services and state-of-the-art infrastructure has made us a trusted name in top IVF centres in Ahmedabad. Contact us at Khushi IVF, one of the top 5 IVF centres in Ahmedabad.

    Another point to consider is the cost of IVF treatment. IVF might be heavy on your pocket; thus, look for a centre which provides affordable and cost-effective options. Search for the cost of different clinics and compare them to get a clear idea.

    You can visit us at Khushi IVF for affordable and budget-friendly IVF treatment. We are one of the top 10 IVF hospitals in Ahmedabad, thus providing you with the best treatment. Our doctors have helped many patients transform their lives. Our highly qualified staff and nurses are always available for help. These factors have made us one of the best IVF centres in Ahmedabad. So if you want the best IVF hospital in Ahmedabad, visit Khushhi IVF.

    IVF is a long process with a lot of ups and downs. Thus ensure that the hospital you choose provides emotional support through the procedure. It can be a great differentiator factor when choosing the right IVF clinic. A good IVF hospital would have a team of counsellors and staff to support you.

    Visit Khushhi IVF, which is Ahmedabad best IVF centre, to get successful IVF and start your family. Getting your IVF treatment at one of the best IVF centres in Ahmedabad increases your chances of success.

    Thus, choosing from the top 5 IVF centres in Ahmedabad is a huge factor in determining the procedure’s success. Always look at the success rate of the clinic, the qualifications of the surgeons and specialists, the variety of treatment options available at the clinic, the kind of technologies and services available, the cost of the procedure offered and the presence of a dynamic support team in the hospital.

    Are you planning to get treatment at the best IVF centre in Ahmedabad? You can visit us at Khushhi IVF, one of the top 5 IVF centres in Ahmedabad, for your treatment. We have been successfully transforming and adding value to the lives of our patients. With the help of well-developed infrastructure and trained staff, our success rate in IVF is commendable. We have been trusted and considered one of the best IVF centres in Ahmedabad.

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