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Live Birth Rate - 40%

How to Select an IVF/ICSI Centre?

The success of an IVF/ICSI treatment widely depends on the kind of IVF/ICSI centre you choose. Be careful in selecting one.

How can I find the best IVF centre for me?

We think this is a major concern for every couple struggling to get an infertility treatment. So, if you are reading this, rest assured that by the end of this article, you will be an expert in finding the right infertility clinic for yourself. So, let’s get started to know how to look the best IVF centre or best ICSI centre.

Guiding factors on your selection of an IVF centre :

Ask for the success rate of the centre

Check if they have displayed their results in common areas or on their official websites. Globally IVF-ICSI success rates are 50 to 60%, if any one claims to give you a guarantee or 100% success rate consider them as a cheat.

Success rate at Khushhi IVF Clinic is 55% to 60% overall in last 3 years.

Ask for the experience, qualification and training of the treating doctor

IVF/ICSI can give better results if you get yourself treated by a fertility specialist who is specially trained and qualified to treat such patients. It is important to understand the distinction between a fertility specialist and Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, so that you consult the right medical expert for your fertility issues.

Fertility specialists are obstetrician or gynaecologists who have undergone specialised training for reproductive endocrinology.

Dr. Dipesh Sorathiya, Director and Fertility Specialist at Khushhi IVF clinic has 18+ years of experience only as a fertility specialist. He is MBBS, M.S. (OBS and GYN) and an infertility specialist.

Ask for the technology and quality standards at IVF and IUI labs

The air quality in the lab has a huge impact on the health and viability of embryos. Contaminants can be toxic, and common impurities in the air such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), microbes or even perfumes can harm an embryo’s development.

Hence, IVF labs are recommended to have 10,000ppm in the air. This is referred to as a class 10,000 lab.

So simple go and ask do you, have class 10,000 lab? If no, refrain from getting a treatment there.

We at Khushhi IVF associated at KD hospital has Class 10000 IVF Lab with AHU. So there is no compromise on the climate given to your little ones who are striving to be born.

Ask the experience and qualification of embryologist and andrologist

An andrologists helps in semen analysis and is specially qualified and trained to select the best quality sperms for fertilization. They are responsible for running fertility tests, harvesting eggs and sperm, and conducting in-vitro fertilization procedures for patients that have problems with fertility.

The embryologist and an andrologist ideal should have a bachelor’s degree in biological science, followed by a post graduate qualification, preferably in Assisted Reproductive Technology or Embryology or biotechnology.

Currently all patients of Khushhi IVF clinic are treated at KD hospital for all in-Patient procedures including an IVF lab with best quality standards and international standards.

Dr. Dipesh Sorathiya who is consultant and head at KD hospital has in his team andrologists and embryologists who are qualified and experienced to deal with complex IVF/ICSI cases.

Ask for number of full-time employed embryologist and andrologist

Your eggs, sperms and embryos need 24×7 care to retain the quality and efficiency of your treatment. This is not possible if an IVF centre do not have a full-time embryologist and an andrologist.

We have a team of full time andrologist and embryologists enough for the number of procedures we do at Khushhi IVF clinic.

Ask for Treatment Cost and any hidden charges

Do not get dragged with the discounts the IVF clinics offer because you are then only compromising your treatment quality and hence lowering your chances of getting pregnant.

We at Khushhi IVF clinic do not have any hidden cost in the IVF treatment and we do not offer discount in order to maintain highest quality standards. Though if we have helped many financially less able patients wherever we can. Our costs are transparent and treatment is 100% ethical.

Ask for Double witnessing system [safeguarding you from exchange of gametes]

“Although infertility treatment is miraculously clever, what it comes down to is that the right sperm and eggs are put together and the right embryos are put back,” said Suzi Leather, the authority’s chairwoman.

“Embryologists are dealing with things so small you can hardly see them, so you have to ensure the right lab protocols are in place and are followed every time.”[Source]

We at Khushhi IVF clinic follow double witnessing system in our embryologists and andrologists were each step of IVF is to be observed and checked by at least two people. This had been voluntary in many clinics but is compulsory at Khushhi IVF Clinic.

Ask for live birth rate: – What is the live birth rate from IVF?

Live birth rate was defined as the number of deliveries that resulted in a live born neonate, expressed per 100 embryo transfers (Zegers-Hochschild et al., 2009). Up to 3 cycles were included until the end of IVF treatment or first live birth.

Overall, the live birth rate resulting from the first fresh IVF cycle is 33.0% (95% CI: 27.8-38.2). This value remained above 20% up to the sixth cycle.

We at Khushhi IVF have a live birth rate of 38 to 40%.

Ask if the clinic is following 100% ART ACT and is compliant to that?

Not all IVF/ICSI clinic follow all art norms. We at Khushhi IVF clinic ensures that we are 100% ART ACT compliant.

Wrapping Up…

We at Khushhi IVF clinic invests our resources in making our patients powerful and make informed decisions by increasing their awareness through patient engagement programmes.

This article is one of them. For more information on other related contents, please follow us on our various social media handles and do not forget to visit our website.

Khushhi IVF

Khushhi IVF, founded by Dr. Dipesh Sorathiya, brings a wealth of experience with over a decade in fertility treatments, having assisted 10,000+ patients and conducted 5,000+ procedures. Driven by a commitment to provide cutting-edge yet ethical fertility solutions, Khushhi IVF prioritizes an all-encompassing approach that addresses patients’ physical, emotional, and financial needs, while ensuring economical and standardized care.

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