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Which Hospital is Good for IVF in Ahmedabad?

The journey to parenthood can be challenging, often due to fertility issues. However, with modern technology and guidance from professionals, every difficulty in the path of conception can be solved. In vitro fertilization (IVF) provides hope by using modern treatments to increase fertility, prevent genetic abnormalities, and help in pregnancy.  Finding the right clinic is … Read more

Which IVF Clinic Has the Highest Success Rate in Ahmedabad?

Many couples find it difficult to make the transition to parenthood. In vitro fertilization (IVF) provides hope to people experiencing issues with fertility. IVF is an advanced series of procedures intended to help with fertility, prevent genetic issues, and help in conceiving.  Choosing the correct facility is a key factor in determining the success of … Read more

Who are the candidates for PGS and PGD?

PGS & PGD Candidates

Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) is commonly performed in couples undergoing the IVF or in-vitro fertilization process for conceiving a child. PGT includes both preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Both these procedures are performed on the cells from the embryos in the embryology lab, but they both have different purposes and are … Read more

When to Consider the Egg Donation Cycle?

The egg donation cycle is a part of assisted reproductive technology or ART. The procedure involves a fertile woman donating an egg, also known as an oocyte, to another woman to help her in conceiving.  The procedure involves the removal of egg or eggs from the donor by the doctor, fertilizing the eggs in a … Read more

How to Have a Live Birth with History of Multiple Miscarriages

Recurrent miscarriage, also known as recurrent pregnancy loss, is the spontaneous loss of two or three pregnancies. Two consecutive pregnancy losses are said to affect about 5% of women, while about 1% of women experience three or more consecutive pregnancy losses. Multiple miscarriages can be a distressing condition for couples who want to conceive. In … Read more

Who Are the Candidates for IUI?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a kind of artificial insemination that involves the placement of the male sperm directly into the female uterus (womb) using a catheter.  This assisted reproductive technology helps in bypassing the female cervix and bringing the male sperm near the female egg to increase the chances of fertilization by reducing the distance … Read more

What Causes Oligospermia (Low Sperm Count), What Are Its Symptoms, and How Is It Treated?

What Causes Oligospermia (Low Sperm Count), What Are Its Symptoms, and How Is It Treated

Infertility is a prevalent concern affecting a substantial global population, with both men and women sharing equal contributions to its prevalence.  The underlying causes of male infertility are diverse, encompassing a range of factors.  Oligospermia, characterized by a low sperm count, stands as one such significant factor.  Notably, it’s essential to recognize that men diagnosed … Read more

Understanding Semen Analysis Report

Understanding Semen Analysis Report

Semen analysis is a test performed to analyze the sperm count, motility, and shape of the male sperm and to test for male factor infertility. It helps in checking the sperm quality and volume in a male patient. The test involves the collection of a semen sample and its evaluation in the laboratory.  Semen is … Read more

Single Women And Unmarried Oocyte Preservation

Unlike olden days, in the modern era, women are empowered. They are able to make decisions that reflect their independence and objectives, whether it’s to focus on education, advance in their career, choose their partner or decide to time pregnancy. But, it is a known fact that women’s fertility (the quantity and quality of eggs) … Read more

CASA Test in Ahmedabad

CASA, also known as Computer Assisted Semen Analysis, is an advanced technology that involves the use of computer-based technology to analyze male semen samples. CASA helps in obtaining video images of the male sperm with the help of a strong microscope to check the motility of each male sperm. It is an advanced semen analysis … Read more

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