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Fertility Yoga – How Doing Yoga Can Boost Your Fertility?

Yoga is considered as spiritual practice for mental, physical and emotional well-being originated from India. But its importance has recently gained lot of importance especially when it was celebrated internationally as International Yoga Day on June 21st since 2015.

Yoga has lot of benefits and there is an understanding that Yoga has positive impact and improved fertility both in males and females to such an extent that certain group of asanas and dhyana are termed as Fertility Yoga.

Yoga is one approach to improve fertility and achieve better results when undergoing treatment. It is more than just a physical workout. Yoga is a stress and anxiety reducer, which can come in handy when you’re trying to conceive, but can the practice actually help you get pregnant? The answer is less clear.

Recently we had a Facebook Live session on International Yoga Day, discussing the topic – “Can Yoga boost your fertility?”

Here’s a snippet of the question and answers discussed with Dr. Dipesh Sorathiya (Infertility & IVF Specialist, Director @ Khushhi IVF) and Shaswat Saurav (Actor/Yoga Expert).

What is Yoga and why has it gained so much of importance in last 5 years?

Yoga is a holistic approach towards physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It helps in relaxing muscles and hence relieves stress. Once the stress is revealed it helps you to be emotionally and mentally stable. Just leads to you overall health and happiness.

Yoga practices has helped improve productivity and have helped healed lot of mental and physical disorders. And fertility is one of them.

Do you recommend Yoga to your patients with issue in conceiving? Why?

As a low impact exercise, yoga is a great way to get active, especially if you are not that sporty. Besides there are lot of benefits of Yoga, it strengthens the body, eases stress depression and anxiety, balances hormones, supports sperm production and increases ART success rates.

Is there any scientific research which is capable of proving that yoga has positively impacted fertility in both males and females?

There are not many researches which supports this today, there is one which was conducted in 2018 by Sarah Darbandi which has concluded that yoga can provide stress management for patients with infertility, with beneficial effects on fertility, helping couples give birth. [Source]

What is fertility yoga? How much should the couple in their daily routine practice it?

Fertility yoga is a series of yoga poses that promote relaxation. It also encourages blood flow to the hips, and increases circulation and connection to the pelvic area, abdomen and heart.

What are various poses for fertility yoga?

It may include poses such as bridge, light twists, and legs up the wall. Cat/cow, hip rotations, cobblers, supported goddess pose – to name but a few.

Other than Yoga which are the other exercises recommended?

Walking, Swimming, Pilates and Dancing.

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