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Women & Fertility Health

A woman has to stay healthy by all means, for she is the backbone of the family. She has multiple roles out of which giving birth to a child is of utmost importance.

28th May is celebrated as international women’s health day to give importance to overall health of a women and her rights to sex, reproduction and everything around it. The day gained its importance from Africa far back in 1987.

10 things that a woman needs to do to take care of her fertility health:

1. Start taking folic acid, vitamin-D or multi-vitamin supplements six months before planning pregnancy.

2. Consume food which are rich in anti-oxidants like organic desi cow ghee, green leafy vegetables like palak, methi and cabbage, fruits like amla, grapes, pomegranate. Try to have green tea, lemon grass tea and lemon tea once or twice a day between the meals.

3. Avoid eating junk food or outside food. Try to eat home made food especially the Indian thali which is a perfect balance of all nutrients, proteins and carbs. Also try to avoid overeating rather have a handful of nuts and a bowl of fruits or sprouts if you feel hungry.

4. Walk or exercise, yoga or meditate for at least 40 minutes a day to improve metabolism, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Avoid seating continuously at one place. Take small walks in between two activities if your work demands seating for longer hours.

5. Try to have a healthy weight to improve fertility. A healthy weight is one which is within normal BMI range. For Indian female the normal BMI range is from 18.5 to 24.5. There are BMI calculators available online, in case if you want to check yours.

6. Socialize and do not isolate it will keep you mentally healthy. Try to remain in the company you like where people understand you and are capable of pampering you as you require it the most. Talk out as much as you can. This will help relieve your mental stress and keep you away from depression.

7. Take good amount of sleep and rest. These will also reduce chances of depression, stress and anxiety and keep you happy and relaxed. Happy hormones help you conceive faster and helps you have a better relationship both emotional as well as physical.

8. Try to engage yourself in the activities that keep you busy and something that you love doing. There is no need to leave your job for the fertility treatment or for family planning. When you are occupied in the job you like, it keeps you away from thinking continuously about having a child. As you know ideal mind is a devil’s workshop.

9. Do not try to seek answers to your questions from internet. Many a times it may give you information that you may not need or is not applied to you.

10. If you are trying to conceive and are not able to, even while trying more than 1 year of unsafe sex, do not be afraid to visit your gynaecologist or an infertility specialist. More delay in visiting them will only delay your pregnancy.

To know more about, you can watch the Facebook Live Session video by Dr. Dipesh Sorathiya. On International Day of Action for Women’s Health (28th May, 2022), Dr. Dipesh Sorathiya delivered a Facebook Live Talk discussing women’s health and factors affecting women’s fertility health.

Khushhi IVF

Khushhi IVF, founded by Dr. Dipesh Sorathiya, brings a wealth of experience with over a decade in fertility treatments, having assisted 10,000+ patients and conducted 5,000+ procedures. Driven by a commitment to provide cutting-edge yet ethical fertility solutions, Khushhi IVF prioritizes an all-encompassing approach that addresses patients’ physical, emotional, and financial needs, while ensuring economical and standardized care.

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