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Embryology – Everything You Should Know

What is Embryology?

Embryology is the study of the formation, growth, and development of an embryo. This branch of science deals with the primary prenatal stage, right from the formation of gametes (reproductive cells), fertilization, formation of the zygote (fertilized egg cell) to the development of embryo until blastocyst stage. We are provider of best embryology services.

The efficiency of the embryology laboratory is directly related to IVF success. It is the lab that mimics a woman’s womb in this artificial reproductive technology.

Therefore, we safeguard the egg and sperm and fertilize them in the lab by creating the best artificial environment.

Since embryos are tiny in size and invisible to the naked eye, they need special care. If not handled with the utmost care, embryos will lose their viability and will not result in pregnancy.

Keeping all of these factors in mind, we stringently monitor the conditions required for the growth of embryos, such as air quality, CO2 level in the incubator, temperature, humidity, liquid nitrogen levels, freezing and thawing conditions.

Hence a well-equipped lab makes a lot of difference. Below are a few highlights of available infrastructure.

1. Efficient cryopreservation system

A high concentration of cryoprotectants along with rapid cooling rates is vital to cryopreserve embryos. The cryoprotecting media used for freezing are of high quality that ensures better cryopreservation.

Any dip or a fall in temperature in cryo units (below 196 degrees) are alerted with warning systems placed in the lab, ensuring better quality control.

2. Innovative Incubators

Our labs are equipped with innovative IVF Incubators which have IR sensors. The incubators come with optional environmental conditions for the embryos and even measure the slightest changes in CO2 levels.

With the unique space-saving and stacking system, our labs have incubators that feature 10 chambers. The embryos of couples are safely stored in different chambers to avoid any unnecessary exposure to air and any probable mixups.

3. Advanced Air Handling Units (AHUs)

As embryos are extremely sensitive, we maintain a careful eye while they are within our lab environment. We are wary of the fact that hazardous components can be airborne and can enter from many sources.

Therefore, our lab is equipped with HEPA filters (which can trap 99.97 percent of particles with a diameter equal to 0.3 microns) and carbon filters to preserve high-quality air. Not only this, air-purifiers are extensively used to maintain the best air quality outside the lab.

4. AI-based embryo selection

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the software enables embryologists to analyze the right embryo with a better propensity to be implanted. This improves the success rate for couples as the most appropriate embryo is transferred into the uterus.

5. Skills of the doctors and other staff

It is challenging to find a doctor who understands your needs. We ensure that your doctor and staff members are dependable and a team with whom you should continue your treatment, regardless of any doubt.

Our senior embryologists are well-trained in the most complex of Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing (PGT) cases.

They perform a biopsy to identify genetic issues in couples who either have had miscarriages or have genetically affected kids and are looking forward to having children free of genetic issues through IVF.

6. Medical protocol followed for great results

Offering a world-class infrastructure. The entire team including, fertility specialists, embryologists, andrologists, and fertility nurses, work together to ensure a hassle-free procedure for every couple.

In addition to this, we ascertain that each couple has a smooth fertility journey.

The IVF specialists start with guiding women in producing healthy and a good number of eggs. Once the eggs are retrieved these specialists transfer them to the lab.

The embryologist hereafter plays a crucial role in monitoring the creation and formation of an embryo until it becomes a Blastocyst. While the procedure’s success depends upon a majority of factors, we guarantee a 65% to 70% success rate.

Why you must choose?

  • Focus on self-cycle first! To get a highest pregnancy success rate, we don’t push patients for a donor cycle unless the situation calls for the same.
  • To avoid complications in women while she is pregnant, we never implant more than 2 embryos in a single transfer.
  • Lab Maintenance and Standard operating procedure (SOPs) are based on the international standards
  • Best in class specialists.
  • Ethical practices
  • Transparent pricing

Khushhi IVF

Khushhi IVF, founded by Dr. Dipesh Sorathiya, brings a wealth of experience with over a decade in fertility treatments, having assisted 10,000+ patients and conducted 5,000+ procedures. Driven by a commitment to provide cutting-edge yet ethical fertility solutions, Khushhi IVF prioritizes an all-encompassing approach that addresses patients’ physical, emotional, and financial needs, while ensuring economical and standardized care.

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