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PCOS and Getting Pregnant with PCOS

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), can happen as early as 11 to 14 years and it is always ignored by females until they find difficulty conceiving. One of the most common symptoms of PCOS is irregular periods or a missed period.

PCOS can stop ovaries to ovulate due to imbalance in reproductive hormones hence the patients face difficulty conceiving as they do not know their window of fertility.

Lifestyle modification and medical management of PCOS can help you conceive. Khushhi IVF runs PCOS clinic where your doctor will work in co-ordination with a dietician and a yoga expert to improve your chances of fertility.

Scroll down to know all about PCOS and getting pregnant with PCOS.

What is PCOS?

PCOS is a medical condition stating enlarged ovaries carrying multiple cysts. The word polycystic means “many cysts” visible on an ultrasound.

Why PCOS occur?

PCOS today affects nearly 4-20% of women of reproductive worldwide [J Hum Reprod Sci. 2020 Oct-Dec]. Exact cause of PCOS is still not known today. But it could occur due to few known factors like: –

Genetic: – Female’s whose mother or sister having a history of PCOS and are obese are of greater risk with PCOS.

Hormonal imbalances: – Factors like genetics, hormonal imbalance like more than normal levels of androgens “male hormones” and less than normal levels of estrogen “female hormones” and or irregular levels of insulin.

Environmental toxins: – Environmental toxins like processed, canned and especially animal-derived foods may lead to endocrine, metabolic and reproductive disturbances, resulting in PCOS.

Can PCOS affect fertility?

Yes, it can. But having PCOS not necessarily mean you cannot get pregnant. Many women having PCOS get naturally pregnant without any medical intervention while many of them will face difficulty conceiving.

As, in PCOS it is difficult to find out when is she ovulating or the fertile days are difficult to predict due to irregular cycles. One can get pregnant with PCOS with the help of a fertility expert.

At what age can one get PCOS?

Women can get PCOS as soon as they get their first periods. Often, they find out when they are having problems conceiving or irregular cycles.

What are signs of PCOS?

If you are having irregular periods, have excessive hair growth around your chin, upper lips and chests and/or gaining weight or having difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, have high blood pressure or blood sugar or have acne, chances are that you might have PCOS.

Can PCOS be treated?

One cannot remain completely free from this disease. PCOS can be managed by making lifestyle changes and with the help of medical intervention.

You will need a team of experts like a dietician, a personal trainer or a yoga expert and fertility specialist together to help you manage PCOS.

Can PCOS be prevented?

There are no proven ways to prevent PCOS completely, but if you know you are at a risk of it, you must take expert advice. Eating healthy food also known as clean food, regular exercising and regular visits of your gynecologist’s office will help you prevent it.

Does PCOS get better after pregnancy?

One still need to manage PCOS even after pregnancy by maintaining healthy weight, regular exercising, eating non-toxic food and stress management.

Are chances of miscarriages higher in women with PCOS?

Women with PCOS are three times as likely to miscarry in the early months of pregnancy as are women without PCOS.

100% of our patients have conceived who have PCOS. Visit PCOS clinic at Khushhi IVF, today!

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